Talent Optimization

Hire top talent by using data

Hire candidates or clone your top performers based on behavioral and cognitive assessments:

  • Behavioral assessment measures people’s drives and motivations in the workplace
  • Cognitive assessment tests how quickly employees learn and adapt
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candidates who are hardwired to be a great fit

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Target Opportunities

Start by creating a job with PI software

Adjust the slides above to match whether you are looking for an independent or collaborative, social or reserved, driving or steady, flexible or precise candidate.

Adjust the score to target the cognitive score of your ideal candidate.
Actionable Insights

Mark your favorite candidates

Cut down the time it takes to screen candidates as they complete their PI Behavioral Assessment and PI Cognitive Assessment.

  1. The best fits for the role float to the top of the list (Match Score from 1-10)
  2. Mark your favorites to speed up your hiring process
  3. Check the match score for internal candidates that fit the job target
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