We help people ignite and sustain organizational change.

Our Story

Ignite Consulting has diverse experience, deep knowledge, and a curious mindset.
We work well with everyone from executives to entry level employees.

We have 120+ combined years working in change management, user adoption, business transformation, business process design, and related fields.

We Provide Solutions

Gartner research shows only one third of change efforts are a clear success- hurting business performance, engagement and retention of top talent.

With our help, Fortune 500 clients consistently beat the odds, igniting and sustaining successful organizational change.

We’re not the typical consulting firm that flies in, gives only big ideas, and flies out.
At Ignite, we believe in generating creative solutions, but also in rolling up our sleeves and working with you every step of the way.
— Miguel Guevara - Managing Partner

Ignite Insights