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Organizational Change Strategy

Projects rarely fail because of a new tool, organizational structure, or different process. They fail because leaders underestimate the need to manage the people-side of change. Our proven approach helps you organize, plan, and guide your team along its journey. It identifies numerous stages of the journey that we will encounter and applies proven approaches for avoiding potential pitfalls. Although the paths of your journey are not completely known or predictable at the beginning, careful planning and navigating of each path is essential to ensure all the elements (people, technology, process and management) arrive at the right place at the right time.

Training Development & Delivery

Effective training goes beyond scheduling a ton of employees to sit through various training modules. It is about engaging, customizing and never losing sight of the big picture. Our consultants will help you define a training approach that will help participants quickly and thoroughly understand how to perform their jobs in the face of shifted processes and hierarchies. The result is a better-educated employee who helps your organization thrive.

Leadership Engagement

Projects that lack executive sponsorship or have poor engagement of the organization’s leadership are doomed to fail. Our consultants have an ample knowledge of practical tools to help you engage leadership effectively and make it easy for leaders to add value when and where your project needs it.

Organizational Effectiveness

Organization effectiveness requires alignment of the organization’s strategic and tactical efforts. Our consultants will help you align your organization’s mission/vision/values to the structures and processes within. This includes understanding the impact of a change on processes and job roles –and providing sufficient support to guide people to the desired state.

Talent Optimization

Businesses have a strategy, but only a few align their strategy with their people or talent strategy. We offer Talent Optimization with the Predictive Index, a tool that empowers you to align your team members and business strategy to ignite optimal business results.

Program & Project Management

Having seasoned professionals with a successful record of managing the type of project you are implementing is important to meet the project’s milestones (and budget goals). Our consultants complement client-led projects to get the job done.

Business Process Design

Client executives are often caught up in the “day-to-day” issues of running the business, making it difficult to step back and analyze an organization’s processes holistically. Ignite consultants evaluate, analyze and interpret the workflow of your business in order to improve current performance. Our expertise in documenting current processes, defining areas for improvement and collaborating with a process improvement team ensures a speedy and value-adding proposition for your business.

Private Equity

Net income and market value is a function of return on capital AND talent. We enhance traditional improvements to increase EBITDA by helping companies measure and manage human capital. The real engine of wealth creation includes leadership capability, organizational culture, knowledge management and employee engagement.

Stakeholder Communications

Ineffective communication will put a project at risk. Understanding the people you will be working with and trusting them with their role is crucial to ensure the success of the project. Our consultants will help you define an adequate communication plan with clear objectives, regular meetings, and reviews of the approach. In addition, they will request information about your stakeholders, their interest, and relationship in order to involve them and prompt the desired actions for the well-being of the organization.
Improve the likelihood of delivering your
project's objectives with a well-implemented
change management strategy.
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Reduce risk by providing employees
with preparation, support, and skills
they need to succeed in change.
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Deliver a higher percentage of a
project's benefits that depend on
people changing how they do their jobs.
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Demonstrate through actions
that you value your employees
by engaging and supporting them.
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