Introduction Change Management Toolkit

Our Introduction Toolkit is great for beginning to understand the change effort required for the a given project. This Toolkit will allow you to start to create a plan on how you want to execute the change within your organization.


Our Change Management approach meets organizations "where they're at," guiding them through the exact strategy that fits their company's size, goals, and budget. No matter your company's current phase, we can help you make successful and long-lasting changes.

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Actionable Templates

What is Included

The Ignite Change Management Framework is a collection of recommended tools and templates. It should complement your project management activities by engaging leaders, influencers, and stakeholders by preparing them to help you make your project more effective.

Best investment for you and your organization

Hiring full time consultants from Deloitte, Accenture, or BCG to work on a project could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Much more expensive than purchasing our toolkits that will last you your entire career.

What We Do
Organizational Change Strategy
Leadership Engagement & Coaching
Stakeholder Communications Strategy
Talent Optimization & Organizational Effectiveness
Training Development & Delivery
Large Scale Event Planning & Facilitation
Business Process Design
Program & Project Management
Improved Project Success

Clear, Achievable, Benefits

Improve the likelihood of delivering your
project's objectives with a well-implemented
change management strategy.
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Reduce risk by providing employees
with preparation, support, and skills
they need to succeed in change.
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Deliver a higher percentage of a
project's benefits that depend on
people changing how they do their jobs.
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Demonstrate through actions
that you value your employees
by engaging and supporting them.
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Meet With AN Expert
Miguel Guevara and Mike Dreyer

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