Global Supplemental A&H Insurer Project and Change Management



Project Objectives

  • Help a Chicago based insurance company start up a new line of business in Chile based on a business concept that was successful in Mexico

  • Use a transactional system that was hosted in Australia and maintained in India

Project Highlights

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Developed project and change management plans

  • Developed business processes for Sales roles in the new business

  • Translated where necessary (English <=> Spanish)

  • Led communication touch points with teams across multiple geographies (and time zones)

  • Developed detailed instruction guides for leaders to manage change

Ignite's Impact

What We Accomplished

  • Provided client an integrated view of the program across all teams across multiple geographies (United States, Mexico, Australia, India, Chile)

  • Client was able to understand and begin to overcome cultural issues and barriers

  • Client had a better end-to-end understanding of systems, processes and people


What Success Looks Like

  • Successfully implemented systems and processes

  • Ignite helped client understand synergies between Latin American teams and Spanish-speaking US teams (sales, operations and call centers)

  • Client asked Ignite to develop playbook for market expansion in other Latin American markets

  • Client requested assistance on two additional projects related to the Latino market in the USA, as well as the insurance markets in Brazil

How do I start?

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