Global Deployment of Office 365 to 70,000 People Across Three Business Units



Project Objectives

  • Deploy Office 365 to 70,000 people across three business units (all over the world)

Project Highlights

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Developed project and change management plans

  • Developed approach to equip local champions to implement Office 365 within their teams

  • Created library of materials for local champions to tailor their plan, approach and implementation according to their organization’s needs

  • Coached and conducted knowledge transfer to ensure client team could carry work forward

  • Tailored approach for each business leader

  • Customized changes to the vendors out of the box materials

Ignite's Impact

What We Accomplished

  • Developed “crawl, walk, run” approach for users to get comfortable with the toolset before moving on to advanced functionality

  • Created simple templates for local champions to understand their teams’ needs, and plan a deployment tailored to their organization

  • Participated in a month long, multi-city road show to help client team “learn one, do one, teach one.”

  • Project approach buy in and engagement from business leaders


What Success Looks Like

  • Achieved objectives of deploying Office 365 to a few key teams while equipping client team to carry the work forward

  • The approach to tailor the plans and deployment by team was effective when used

  • This program was a key element in the spinoff of one of the three major divisions

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