Fortune 100 Multi Industrial Merger



Project Objectives

  • Construct and maintain a series of processes to facilitate a new organizational design

  • Facilitate employee transitions related to the two merging companies

  • Track Human Resources headcount data and provide relevant information to stakeholders

Project Highlights

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Design technology system to capture selected employee transition information related to merger

  • Pull data from technology system and provide reports to stakeholders including legal, equity, HRIS, finance and real estate

  • Complied with legal and ethical standards during successful transition of company departments during merger

Ignite's Impact

What We Accomplished

  • Worked with stakeholder departments to adapt to changing data needs (example: Finance audit compliance)

  • Identified project challenges and risks with transparency to better position client with their counterparts

  • Partnered with stakeholders to audit and think proactively for challenges ahead

  • Automated work where possible to streamline processes and reduce workload on Human Resources teams

  • Led project management office role (example: facilitated project management calls to align stakeholders and business units throughout high-action periods of project)


What Success Looks Like

  • Successful company integration and merger

  • Continually over delivered expectations. Helping our client achieve their goals was our top priority

  • Long term relationship building with client leading to further/current project engagements

How do I start?

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