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When I begin a new project or program, I like to ask the leaders if they have a plan to make sure the business partners are ready to take on what their team delivers. Their replies are a good gauge of the effort that lies ahead:

  • We’ve identified a business readiness work-stream and need you to help the team.
  • The system is so intuitive that they won’t have a problem learning it.
  • Yes, they’re involved with UAT, so they’ll know what’s coming.
  • Our software vendor is going to train them two weeks before go-live.

In other cases, we’ve been brought in “after the fact” to help them mitigate the poor adoption of the change (typically a system) as demonstrated by:

  • Customer complaints - the “new and improved” system slowed our ability to take customer orders
  • Low morale - The system added a lot to the workload of individual contributors (but not their leaders)
  • Disrupted operations - we had a business unit that could not issue payments to vendors
  • Wasted effort - we migrated to online tools, but the team went back to the “old-way” after a month

Below is an example of a organizational change management roadmap we provide and explain to clients in preparation of their initiatives.


So, what is your plan to help your business make sure they are ready to take on what you’re delivering? Have questions about our business readiness roadmap? Comment below or click the link to talk to us!

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