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Not all companies have an in-house Organizational Change Management team (or the team is at capacity and cannot assist with your project). If you think you need an external change management consultant, what should you look for?

  • Invested in your success. Just like the people going through the change, the consultant should be able to position their value to your company, your team and you as a leader.
  • Breadth of experience, depth of their bench, and specialized skills when needed. We find it helps to have a higher-level consultant that can plan the approach to realize the business objectives, and then can bring in supporting consultants (as needed) to focus on change readiness, communications, training, and sustaining activities. This often results in a better value, too!
  • Practical and flexible approach. The consultant needs to understand your business objectives quickly, and tailor their approach to your needs. You want them to be flexible in accommodating your budget, but also confident enough to “push you” on activities that you should not do without.
  • Desire to leave a better team behind. The consultant should be willing to develop the “change muscle” within your team so that they can bring forth key change management practices in their work.

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