The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) will help you understand personality types and how it will make your team more effective. Knowing various personality types helps people recognize and appreciate their own strengths and provides perspective on how and why we’re all different.

Your personality type will help you understand if you are naturally outgoing (or reserved); realistic (or imaginative); logical (or sensitive), and organized (or spontaneous). The MBTI profile will present your preferences as a continuum of the four elements below, which are then grouped into sixteen personality types (see below).

Extrovert (E) ↔ Introvert (I) 

Sensor (S) ↔ Intuitive (N)

Thinker (T) ↔ Feeler (F)

Judger (J) ↔ Perceiver (P)

We use the MBTI tool to understand a team’s personalities and discussing these personalities within the context of team effectiveness. The framework of the MBTI establishes an open conversation without judging if one type is better than someone else’s. The result is a focus on understanding how personality types can enhance a team’s success.

Click on this link to take a simple MBTI assessment.

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