We’ve heard the compelling arguments for switching to productivity suites like G Suite and Office 365. Reality is that many large companies will put off the decision until their current solution is dangerously obsolete and/or the maintenance costs (of an obsolete set of tools) compels a change.

Are you at this point right now? No worries. This series of blog posts will help you gain clarity on your next steps:

  1. Understand your current state.
  2. Engage the right people to determine your direction.
  3. Work with key stakeholders to develop an implementation roadmap for their organization.

Today we will focus on understanding your current state. We will do this by answering three questions:

  1. Why are you doing this?
  2. How big of a change effort is this for your corporate culture?
  3. Can you live with fewer features (and personalizations)?

Why are you doing this?

This the first item you need to be clear about. Don’t kid yourself about needing a solution to collaborate internally/externally across time/geographic boundaries when the real answer is that your current system is outdated, and the patchwork of different collaboration solutions is driving your IT team batty.

How big of a change is it?

gsuite-managedservicesMy kids use G Suite, and so do our interns… how hard can it be? Actually, it could be more difficult than you think. If you don’t have a clear understanding of what you will gain/loss, and you haven’t taken the time to educate folks on how to do their jobs with the new tools, you will have a handful of users who will go back to the old ways (or something similar) of working, and that is the first step down the slippery slope of a very expensive and time consuming implementation.

Can you live with fewer features?

The whole idea of online tools is to leverage one solution across as many clients as possible. Gone are the days of personalized/tailored solutions. It’s easy to do without some of the bells and whistles from a presentation. But are you ready to explain to your finance community why they can’t run the macros they have been tweaking for the last few years?

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In our next blog post, we will cover how to Engage the right people to determine your direction.

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