Ignite Listens

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Our previous blog, 5 Hints that You're Being Ignored, detailed 5 signs of ineffective listening. Over our consulting years and personal experience, we’ve learned to make the most of human interaction by listening more and talking less. This means that our team at Ignite follows these practices:

1. Listen actively to the client

During our conversations we make sure that we stay focused and attentive to what the client wants to communicate at that specific moment. Understanding their verbal language, tone and mood makes us understand their situation as well as their organizational change issue they are facing.

2. Learn about the client

We have genuine interest in our clients, and a great way to demonstrate this is by letting them speak. This valuable opportunity to be a listener allows us to learn about different areas that will help us better understand the individuals, teams and organization.

3. Engage into the conversation

It takes both the speaker and listener to agree and move the conversation to the next level. Our team cares about the client and we give priority to the things that are important to them. For this practice, we make sure that our judgement is left behind and instead we put forward our expertise, experience, and creativity to help them reach the best possible solution in order to deliver successful projects on time.

Do you have a goal, problem, or question that will greatly impact your role or organization? We would like to hear it.