Delivering large programs successfully requires a deeper understanding and careful management of the people and politics involved. Realizing and sustaining value depends on the collective actions of all team members who need to incorporate the change into their new way of working.

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In our experience, companies who follow these 8 best practices will position their programs for success.

1. Define what good looks like (in every day terms). Before you on-board more people, please take time to define “what success looks like” in simple terms. One way to do this is to start with a simple headline that summarizes the expected outcome and benefit of the project.

2. Develop a plan; work the plan. With a clearly defined objective, you are now ready to develop a plan and work on the tasks required within a given timeline.

3. Make sure the project team understands where you are headed. Provide your team with good communication tools and opportunities to provide valuable feedback to work towards the objective of the project.

4. Understand the Stakeholders (sponsors, key influencers, enablers, doers). Understanding who your stakeholders are and what their specific needs are is essential for the success of your project.

5. Get enough people to carry out the work. The right team will understand both business and technical concerns, which is why companies must assign a few high-performing and experienced experts for the length of the program.

6. Talk to stakeholders about initiatives they care about. Practice targeted over-communication.

7. Make sure stakeholders are involved in two-way communication; understand what changes for them (in how they do their jobs); are properly trained; and have a solid support network.

8. Manage go-live on a macro-level; working through issues. Ensure the value of the initiatives and reduce the risk.

The above 8 best practices will ensure your project success. We have made these best practices available to download for a quick reference as you are working through your project.

Click below and you will receive a detailed PDF of our 8 Best Practices for Delivering Large Projects Successfully.

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