We recently shared 8 best practices for delivering large projects successfully. We'd love to hear which items are most important for you to reduce the risk to your project. Of the eight actions we suggested, we find the following four to be the most critical in managing risk:

  • Develop a plan; work the plan
  • Understand the Stakeholders (sponsors, key influencers, enablers, doers).
  • Make sure stakeholders are involved in two-way communication; understand what changes for them (in how they do their jobs); are properly trained; and have a solid support network.
  • Manage go-live on a macro-level; working through issues.

Realizing and sustaining value of your project initiatives depends on the collective actions of all team members who need to incorporate the change into their new way of working and reduce risk.

Download the 8 Best Practices and be ready to kick off your project!

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