Sponsor engagement and ongoing support might be the most important factor in an effective change program.  Sponsors typically have a lot on their plate, so how do you ensure they engage and help drive lasting change?

  1. Engage sponsor early.  One of the first things that should be done is to engage the sponsors.  Help them define the goals and success of this change.

  2. Create a plan for them.  Develop a plan for them with timing, what, and how you need them to do things.  Give them a very clear idea of how much time is involved so they can plan for it well in advance.

  3. Check in regularly.  Make it a point to check in on a regular basis to update them on progress and make changes to their action plan.  This can help if you run into some unplanned circumstances or roadblocks.

Topics: Sponsor Engagement, Tips, Change Management

Miguel Guevara

Written by Miguel Guevara

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