Developing a Learning Culture in Your Workplace


Learning is one of the primary challenges of employees today. Many roles are disappearing or changing due to technology such as robotics and artificial intelligence, and nearly all employees will need critical reskilling and upskilling the next few years. 

Companies are taking steps to educate their employees in a more personal way, aiming to integrate learning with work. Leading organizations see a critical need to develop skills and capabilities and start to focus on changing their learning and development to improve employees’ engagement and retention.  

How can we create a learning culture within our companies fast enough to catch up with the market technological changes? 

Joint responsibility:

Linking performance incentives to the individual learning programs, companies moderate the risk that their learning investments may go unused and unappreciated. Companies that offer motives for managers to support learning, and learning opportunities that employees find beneficial and practical to follow, are likely to gain benefits from new skills learned and the encouragement of a learning environment. 

Integrate learning and work: 

Find opportunities to integrate learning into workflow, delivering knowledge and building of new skills in small portions during a workday. Learning should be more personal to the individual and delivered at a convenient time of workday or even in a mode where the individual can continue learning in their own time. Organizations should also look for opportunities to deliver learning through teamwork, which offers more learning opportunities for a range of work and provides examples and experience specific to their team. 

Improve knowledge, learning and information sharing into a formal process:

Employees will be more motivated to share knowledge and information and learn new skills if is mandatory to do so. Formalizing a process ensures that everyone who needs the information gets it and all the employees are required to learn new skills within a specific timeframe. 

Since technology changes quickly, jobs are changing and employees are choosing to have more diverse careers, many organizations feel pressure to reinvent learning and be integrated with the workflow. Developing a learning culture is no longer just another ideal idea. It is becoming more essential for companies to cultivate and maintain a culture of permanent learning in which both employees and companies have beneficial outcomes. 

Are the individuals and teams in your organization adopting joint responsibility, integrating learning, and building new and advanced skills with technological advances?  

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