3 Steps to Successful Project Management

project management

As change management consultants, we strive to make the process of managing a project look seamless to our clients. Successful project management comes with hard work and planning behind the scenes.  

From our perspective, we highlight three key steps to successful project management. There are more than three steps in running a project, but these steps are in our experience critical to a project.  

1. Identify the project requirements, milestones, timeline and budget 
Before beginning the project, we recommended to identify the project requirements. This should include the project team (client and consultant roles), project milestones, timeline, and budget. During this phase, make sure to have a conversation with the client to understand what it means project success from their perspective. Note – this may change as the project evolves. Then, develop measurable project success criteria with input from the client.  

2. Manage potential risks and expectations
Take a manageable approach to each phase of the project. Manage potential risks and communicate the risks with the client. Manage the client’s expectations frequently and throughout the project. 

3. Communicate the project status 
It’s simple – avoid surprises. Ineffective communication can lead to the failure of a project. Communicate the project status frequently – wins, risks, concerns. Use the clients preferred web and chat tools to stay in touch with the project team, and schedule face to face meetings. An effective communication plan is key to keep the project on track and everyone on the same page. 

The steps listed above are key recommendations in how you can be set up for success in running your project. We hope you will take advantage of these steps. 

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