How to Handle a Leadership Change During a Change Management Project


Have you ever had a new project manager during the implementation of your project?

Leadership is one of the most important components of a change management project (and any project). Leaders are required to work on many tasks throughout the duration of a project, you can view these tasks contained in our recent blog “The Importance of Leadership in Change Management”.

Not every project goes smooth from start to finish, in fact more often than not, there are bumps in the road over the course of a project. These bumps often lead to leadership changes. Leadership is an important part of a project, and changes can/will occur when:

  •  A leader lacks communication with the team,

  • A project is not progressing as fast as the designed plan had anticipated, or

  • A workload has become overloaded

With a new leadership change, project members will need to adjust to a change themselves. They should first observe how the new leader approaches the project. Once you get to know the leader’s approach, ask questions in regards to existing tasks/meeting/etc. to see if they will still be needed. While a change in leadership should not change the end goal of a project, it may, however, change how tasks are completed.

While a leadership change can be difficult at first, it can be needed to keep the project moving to succeed. This change will be more beneficial in the long run. Be patient, understand your leader and how he/she works, be flexible, and the leadership transition should be smooth.

Do you expect a change to your leadership structure? We will get you heading in the right direction.